Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In True Harlow Fashion

(By Tiff ) For those of you who know us, Brock and I are both very much planners.  That's part of the reason why we were a little overwhelmed with all of this pregnancy stuff...she came to be on her own schedule, not ours.  Since we've gotten over that little detail, we have now set out being the over-planners that people know us as.  Which is why, at 20 weeks, we already have our baby furniture...not just ordered, but in our house, set up in the room. 

I know it sounds crazy, but in my defense, people started freaking us out (namely the furniture stores) saying that it would take 12-14 weeks to get the furniture in stock.  That would have put me at 8 months preggers, so you can see why I might have started worrying a little.  Lucky for us the furniture gods know how we can bring the crazy, so the one set we actually liked and decided on was in store, ready to be picked up THAT SAME DAY! 

Can you blame me for buying it so early?  Surely not.  Does that make us over-planners?  Maybe.  Did it literally make me jump up and down (sorry baby) to cross that off our to-do list?  Absolutely! 

FAMILY NOTE: Thanks Mom, Dad, Brady and Jenna for helping us rearrange our entire house to make room for baby...I'm glad yall were there to help and glad it worked out that you got to see the furniture all set up in the room!  What a fun weekend!!

Baby Girl Harlow's Jeep
(By Brock) Fun Side Note #1:  Brady and Daniel both own Jeeps and are near obsessed with them.  Every time they come to Dallas they go to the Jeep parts store to look for sweet new things they can add on.  As an early Father's Day token, we gave Daniel a small toy jeep (hand painted by Tiff) and various other items such as a pink rod and reel as a symbol of our little girl taking after her soon to be Papaw and Uncle Brady. 

Brady & His Jeep

Fun Side Note #2:  We invited several friends over for grilling out on Saturday nite.  Pace and his son, "Side Show Finneas" entertained us in the kiddy pool in the backyard.  Finn got off to a slow start and didn't really want to get wet.  As you can see, his dad fixed that! We try to gain nuggets of wisdom from our friends who are parents.  Nugget #273: Kids don't need expensive toys to have fun.  example: kiddy pool + hose + plastic cup + tupperware bowl + dad w/ beer = good times.


  1. the bed and bedding look great! and such cute pics of finn! :)

  2. Love it!

    Tiff — cute shirt! :)

    Brock — I'm sorry Mia's Uncle BB and Papaw are jeep obsessed.

    Harlows — I won't lie. I was exhausted after helping ya'll shop and rearrange all weekend, but so glad to be a part of it!

  3. I made the blog! And we're not obsessed, just a little overenthusiastic.

  4. The bedding is too cute - as are you! Miss you lots!