Thursday, December 2, 2010

1 month old

So much has happened in the last month...our little girl is growing before our eyes!...and totally changing our lives.  She has made me laugh and cry (thanks post-partum hormones) and smile more in these last few weeks than I ever have before.  And although the only thing I am sure of is that she is the most precious thing ever, everything else makes me question myself.  The big thing that no one can for sure tell me is "Am I doing this right?"  I guess we'll have to wait 20+ years and see what she tells her therapist...

Dec 1st - 1 month old

Since I'm using this blog as a memoir for her to try and remember all the little things, here are some updates from the last post:
  • She now weighs 8 lbs 2 oz...the doctor was happy that she's finally getting "some meat on her bones"...that probably won't be a compliment in a few years, but we're excited now!
  • Bath times have gotten a little better...she's still quite a wailer, but it's getting less torturous. 
  • She travels really well.  As long as the car is moving, she is very content in her car seat...definitely made the 5 hr drive home for Thanksgiving not so bad, even though we had to stop twice for feedings.  At least we had quiet time while we were moving
  • Speaking of Thanksgiving, she had her first one in Garden City where she got to meet her great-grandmother and her two great-aunt Carol/Carole's...and the rest of the crew...everyone of course loved her (when she wasn't screaming) :)
  • She's a pretty good night time sleeper.  We still have to wake her up for feedings (so she can keep gaining weight), but she is doing fairly well at going back to sleep. 
  • She started getting baby acne.  I thought we were going to be lucky and skip this phase since the doctor said it usually hits around 3 weeks, but this week we've had some breakouts pop up...hopefully it goes away and her clear skin reappears...but don't worry...she's still pretty :)
Here are some pics from this week...
Happy after bath time with ducky

How you doin?

This is what happens when Mommy takes a nap...NANA!?!?