Monday, May 24, 2010

we've been bizzzzzzzeeeeee!!!!

It's been a few weeks since we've posted! - but a ton of stuff has happened ... if you're catchin' up on Harlow happenings, here's the low down ...

MS 150, May 1-2, 2010

Brock did his first MS150 ... biking 161 miles from Frisco to Fort Worth with Stan, Mike and 3,000 other bikers in the MS 150. The boys were exhausted and bambi-legged by the end of it, but it was a huge accomplishment, and we’re very proud of them! Highlights of the ride: they got to do a lap around Texas Motor Speedway, which was cool; Brock found the yumminess of pickle pops; at mile #1, Brock rode his bike into a road crack that almost ended his journey; they road with the Ticket team, who didn’t have a tent set up for them (note for next year: find a new team). All in all, a long but rewarding weekend for them, and from the sound of it, they are all in again for next year!

CIA Test Results

The second big accomplishment on Brock’s to-do list this week was completing the CIA test (not the cool CIA…certified internal auditor). It was the last of 4 parts that he had to pass, and HE DID IT! It was a huge relief for both of us…he finally got this monkey off his back, I finally got my husband and dining room table back  Way to go Broccoli!!

Mike n' Sara’s Wedding, Cancun, Mexico – May 6-9

We got to celebrate these great accomplishments with a super fun trip to Cancun to celebrate Mike & Sara’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding on the beach, complete with fire dancers and a an amazing view of the Caribbean.  The trip was great in that we got to travel with friends, meet some new friends, hang out by the pool and tan and drink (for the non-preggers) for 4 days straight…they even rented a party boat where we all got to snorkel, drink and dance (the boat was complete with dance floor AND stripper poles!) which was one of the highlights of the trip. The wedding was amazing though…Sara looked stunning, Mike cried (though he won’t admit it now), and we all danced our booties off! It was a really fantastic wedding weekend at a really beautiful place.

Baby Update!
We had sonogram #3 this past week which confirmed 100% that our baby is a GIRL!! She is beautiful already, moving around and waving and showing us all her toes and fingers…she seems to be growing great…I just can’t wait to feel her moving! I am starting to get bigger, but still kind of in that in-between stage. In the mornings I don’t look very big, but by the evening, my belly is really popping out! We’re starting the nesting process, which means cleaning out the office so we can move the guest bed in there…this has not been a fun task, especially for Brock who prefers fun to work. But we’re getting through it and hopefully soon we can start the fun stuff of actually thinking about decorating the nursery! I may have even talked Brock into going to some baby stores with me this weekend so we can see what’s out there…let the fun begin!

Next “fun” to-do…garage sale…joy oh joy, even I’m not looking forward to that!