Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Far Behind!

So much has happened since the last blog posting! I feel like a bad mom for not keeping up better, but here goes:

December was a whirlwind! Lots of family time and fun around the holidays.
  • My mom surprised me and came in to babysit so Brock could take me on an overnight date to Ft. Worth for my 30th birthday. We saw a Cirque show at Bass Hall, had some great food and spent our first night away from Mia. It was fun, but we missed our little girl! But she had fun hanging out with her Nana. Thanks to both of them for pulling off such a wonderful surprise!
The best birthday gift!!
  • The very next weekend my friend Whitney came in from San Francisco to visit. We had such a great time catching up and hanging out. And with Whit's help, we were able to have a few successful outings...what a much needed visit from a friend!!

    Mia hanging out with her new friend Whitney
  • Christmas was spent two weekends in a row. The weekend before Christmas my brother Dustin flew in from Colorado to meet his niece for the first time. He wants her to do more tricks, but even he couldn't help falling in love.  The rest of my family came in too, including Brady and Jenna (my brother and sis-in-law) who are expecting in July!  Mia will have a new cousin that will be very close to her fun!!
Uncle Dustin and his new sidekick

  • That Sunday, Brock's family came in to join us for a special celebration...Mia's baptism.  She was baptized in the United Methodist Church, and she slept through it all!  The service was really nice, including the Pastor taking her out into the congregation to introduce her to people individually, and afterwards, the whole family came back to our house for a barbeque feast. 

    Grandma with Mia in her Baptism gown
  • The next weekend was Christmas in Longview to celebrate with Brock's family.  Mia's first Christmas was really nice...her aunt Mei Mei, cousin Adrianna and Grandma Iris spoil her with love...all weekend, the 3 of them "fought" for baby time to hold her.  Going to church on Sunday was especially fun for Grandma where she got to introduce her and show her off to some of her church friends. 

    Cousin Adrianna with Santa baby
  • Mia's first New Year's was spent having a low-key night at the Hanna's with the Bimmerle's and Claire making an appearance.  For her, it was just another night, but it was nice for us to get out and have a wonderful dinner with friends!
January has flown by!  But it has been a month of milestones!
  • At her 2 month appointment, Mia weighed 8 lbs 15 oz (10th percentile) and was 22 1/4 inches long (50th percentile).  Our little munchkin is long and skinny...Brock thinks she's going to grow up to be a model...what pressure!!

  • She is maturing so much...including holding her head up better, smiling tons (we just love her makes it all worth it!!) and doing some fun new tricks...she has found her hands, which are in her mouth quite a lot these days - not just a thumb or a finger, but the whole fist!...she has also learned to roll over (11 weeks)!! 
  • We also had 2 weekends away in January...both were a blast!
  • The first was a weekend in Franklin where Brady & Jenna live...she had lots of firsts there including her first pearl snap shirt (yes, it was from the feed store), first time on a tractor, first time to see donkeys and goats, and first picture with a baby goat (we feel like there are boud to be more...)

    1st time on a tractor
    1st time to see donkeys
    Uncle Brady brings out the country in Mia
    I luv goats!
  • The second weekend away was Brock's mom, Grandma Iris's 60th birthday party.  That was so much fun - you know how much I love party planning!  So with Melissa's help and Brock's aunt & uncle coming in from Canada to surprise the birthday girl, we pulled off a pretty fun weekend for her.  And she was of course proud Grandma getting to show off her little granddaughter to all of her friends.

    Lookin' good at 60!
  • We had more visitors come to meet Baby Mia...Brock's cousin Dorea and her friend Wenqi came in from Pasadena, CA where they are studying at Cal Tech.  They hung out with us the weekend of the birthday party and had fun doing some traditional "Texas things" including trying chicken fried steak and eating at Whataburger.  It was also a fun surprise for Iris to see her niece at her party!

Yummm...chicken fried steak!
Phew!  I think I got it all...I promise to be better about keeping up with's much easier to do in smaller chunks than this novel of a post. 

Next week Mia turns 3 months! 

Until next time...