Monday, February 23, 2009

Lazy "K" Weekend

We had a fine weekend in Franklin, TX with the fam. Franklin is 40 minutes north of College Station. Tiff's brother, Brady and his wife Jenna have 27 acres of Texas farm fun. We call it the Lazy K Ranch. Lots of animals - donkeys, goats, cats, and a dog. Tiff and I learned how to rope a plastic calf and hog tie things - like they do in the rodeos. I'm better than Tiff at roping, but neither of us will be competing anytime soon. Brady showed us his ropin' skills on Raisin the goat...but not sure if that was fair...Raisin is pregnant and moving a bit slow! We played with goats and donkeys and took lots of farm animal pictures. Tiff's fav goat was Turk - the baby black one in our pics. Massey, their dog, loves to chase the goats around. Tiff's parents came in too and cooked a great BBQ lunch for us. We played hours of dominoes and joker which brought out the best in sibling rivalries. Tiff and I went for a run down the dirt roads practicing for next weekend's race. Saturday nite we went to Ama's - 1 of Franklin's 3 eating establishments - for good local Tex Mex and BYOB. It was just another Lazy "K" Weekend.

More Lazy K Pics: