Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mia News Network

I am really bad at keeping up with this blog thing.  But we've just been having so much fun watching our little angel grow and change that I find it hard to sit down and type about it.  But I want to keep this current so I can have this as a keepsake for when Mia gets older.  So here goes, lots of updates:

Mia turned 4 months old on March 1st.  At her doctor appointment, she had gained more in the last month then she had in the 3 months since her birth! She went from 9 lbs 5 oz at 3 months to 13 lbs 1 oz.  Holy cow, that formula must be good!!  (Sidenote: a little after her 3 month weight check, I weaned Mia.  It wasn't my original plan, but after we started supplementing, she decided the bottle was after some mommy guilt of having to give it up, we jumped into this formula feeding and I can honestly say we are both happier for it!)

A few other things to note from that doctor visit:
  • Mia got her second round of vaccinations, which just kills me when she hurts so badly
  • The doctor gave us the green light to use selsen blue (the adult dandruff shampoo) for her cradle cap...and it seems to be working well!
  • He also told us she has a hyper-pigmented belly button, which bascially means the very bottom of her belly button is really dark, like she has some funky belly button lint.  But he reassured us that she shouldn't have to worry about being made fun for it in middle school because when you get older, you don't see that part of your belly button
  • She got excellent marks on her development, and being the overly competitive parents that we are, we are very proud
The first weekend in March had us traveling 15 hours in 3 days to go see my grandparents and Mia's great grandparents in Levelland.  It was her first time to meet her Great Grandaddy Paul and Great Gramma Darlene.
4 generations - all smiles

Mia, me and my mom with her dad, Great Grandaddy Paul

All of us with Great Grandaddy Paul and Great Gramma Darlene

JanMudder can't get enough of her!

So backing up a bit, here are some pics of what we've been up to for the last 6 weeks:

Dallas had some of the craziest weather this winter.  We had several days of snow and ice in February where the whole city shut down...the media referred to it as "Snowmageddon".  Mia seemed to like it all bundled up in her cozy blankie!

 Super Bowl is always a fun day with friends, and this year Mia got to wear her too-big Tony Romo jersey to the party at Mike & Sara's.  Who cares if the Cowboys were the furthest thing from a Super Bowl contender...she was stylin' in her jersey!

Brock had a day off of work and we took advantage by spending the afternoon at the Arboretum.  If you've never been, it's this beautiful garden with some amazing views of the Dallas skyline.  It was a beautiful day, and Brock got to play with his new wide angel lens and he got some pretty cool shots of our little flower head.

Mia got to take her first plane ride!  She and I went with Brock's mom to Florida to spend a couple of days with Mia's Great Aunt Hazel and Great Uncle Justin.  While we were there, I had to get some beach time, and our little beach baby got to put her toes in the sand for the very first time.  She really did love the water and the beach, but the people on our flight home probably didn't love us too much...she did NOT like flying home!  But it was worth it to get these pics!

So now we're back to present day...Mia got to experience her first St. Patty's day party at the Pace's.  She hung out with her friend Mallory, who also looked adorable in green, and I got to have a fun day with friends, thanks to Brock for giving me a hall pass!

We leave for our first trip away from Mia this weekend.  She will be in very good hands with her Grandma Iris watching her most of the week and then Nana and Papa coming to watch her for the last weekend.  I know she'll be fine, but I worry about me :)  I am very excited to dive again, but I know I'll miss my boogie!  Let's hope we can all have a good week!  Maybe I'll make Brock post blog updates on our trip...this long posting has worn me out!