Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 ..."beaches over babies"

2008 ... What a great year! We had our 3rd anniversary. The pressure to have kids gets a little stronger every year - we resisted in 2008 and picked “beaches over babies”. Life is just straight up good sometimes. When things appear bad, we try look at the "silver lining". Life brings lots of changes and sometimes life sucks, but we love our life, our family, and our friends. We are very blessed!

We went to some great places ... - Went on an awesome dive trip to Palau, Tokyo & Singapore w/ the Starks; We spent our 3rd anniversary in the Texas Hill Country(Biscuit Hill B&B); We went on a Kujawski family vacation in Colorado; Another sweet dive trip to Bonaire w/ the Starks; We went camping at Lake Lewisville for Brock's birthday; Tiff went to Buenos Aires, Argentina for work; We spent Christmas in Crested Butte for skiing and fun; Tiff continues to travel around the US for work – Chicago mostly, but also LA, NY, Miami, and other less glamorous locales like El Paso. (Check out our Harlow Travel Log)

We did some fun things … Kujawski men and Brock went striper fishing @ Lake Texoma - Brock caught the biggest fish!; We spent many weekends @ the lake w/ the Starks and other friends; Brock's golf weekend in Shreveport; July 4th in Franklin, TX at Brady & Jenna's place; Stan, Brock and Sean went night fishing - caught a few cat fish and not much else; We got our rescue diver certifications out at Clear Springs Scuba Park; Brock hosted fantasy football draft weekend; Brock went to 2 Cowboy games (Tampa Bay and the Giants) ... it's the last season for old Texas Stadium; Tiff went to Tina Turner concert with Christina; We attended the pirate trolley pub crawl for the 2nd year; Went to Tulsa Soktoberfest for the 2nd year and had a great time.

Holidays Oh Holidays ... Another great SCORES Auction @ The Fig; we went to Garden City for Thanksgiving and Kujawski Family Christmas - Dustin couldn’t make it; 2nd Annual Santa Pub Crawl was off the hook, can't wait til next year; Bimmerles host a friend Christmas party; We helped Dad (Harlow) paint his kitchen; Guaranteed a white Christmas in Crested Butte!

More on us ... Chloe's year consisted of a mysterious wart, eating and vomiting monsters and other toys, and kicking a dog's butt in the park; Tiff is kicking ass and taking names at work - she has her 5 year anniversary; Brock had his 1 yr anniversary w/ Idearc; We have good friends who helped us repaint our front living room; Brock discovers facebook and becomes addicted. Tiff boycotts facebook, but uses Brock's account; Brock dislocated his elbow playing soccer, but didn't have to carry anything for 3 mos. or workout!; Tiff rejoined running club – ran a half marathon in Nov.

Friends ... Travis and Cat Hanna had baby Turner; Kari Heusinkveld (now Fay) got married; Whitney & Omar got engaged; Mark & Wendi move to San Antonio; Gray moves to New England and back in the same year; Ryan and Tiff Pace had baby Finneas; We hosted baby showers for Turner/Max and for Finn at our house; Tad and Mary Grace are expecting; Pace, Sean & Christina joined us in running the White Rock Marathon Relay (4hrs 9 min).

Fam ... Daniel was diagnosed w/ cancer, had surgery, and it's remissed ... so far so good; Iris changes her focus loses 30 lbs. and gets her life in order; Brady becomes a teacher; Dustin moves to CB (Crested Butte, CO); Brock’s Aunt Hazel continues her fight w/ cancer; Grandma Harlow turns 93 and is in and out of hospitals all year; Melissa moves to Fort Worth w/ Leandre and the kids.