Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adventures in baby land

(by Tiffany)
Every week is a new adventure, and this one is no different.  I'm in week 19 (about 4 months in, 5 months to go!) and we got to have another ultrasound...which means MORE BABY PICS!! :) 

This week's milestones:
  • Baby girl is growing...she is now up to 8 ounces...double what she was just 4 weeks ago. 
  • She smiles!  And moves her mouth (practicing talking back) and throws gang signs (or maybe just calling me a "loser")
  • My belly is getting to be a real belly!
  • My work heels no longer work (back pain anyone??)...I'm down to flats and kitten heels
  • I'm back to eating chicken
  • I can still work out! ...I ordered a prenatal workout video online and did it for the first time last night...the woman is 8 months pregnant and she kicked my ace! 
  • I may have felt her move...still not sure if it's her moving or me digesting my latest snack...
  • We're starting to make some progress on our to-do's...well, kind of...we've at least made a list!
I am telling you, I have a whole new-found respect for parents.  I had no idea how many options and decisions and worries you have to go through...and I know in this day and age things are a lot different than they were when I was born.  We're practically on information overload...but my mom told me that she went to the doctors office and they told her "yep, you're pregnant...come back in 8 months and we'll deliver".  I wish it were that easy!  It's a good thing God gives you 9 months until the baby actually gets here...we need all the time we can get!


  1. Oh yeah! Keep posting! I love seeing your pictures (baby and bump)!

    Love you and miss you lots!

  2. You will look so fabulous in my sweet maternity wear! :)

  3. lookin' good mama! can't wait for our sweet girls to be bff's!