Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cats ARE good for something.

(by Brock) Quick update.  Apologies, but I'm going to be the expecting parent over-blogger and provide Tiff  "tummy updates" and sonogram pics for the remainder of the pregnancy.  Then I'll overwhelm you all w/ kid pics. Here's Tiff at 17 weeks.  Tiff's definitely starting to show!  We have a sonogram next week, which we are pretty excited about. 
Also, I don't usually post pics of random flowers but i thought this was pretty cool. 

Last year all the darn rabbits in our neighborhood devoured our lilies before they had a chance to bloom.  I tried everything to scare the rascals away.  Even got some of chloe's dog hair out of the vacuum and put in the flower bed.  Nothing worked. Well, low and behold, thanks to the neighbor's cat, we got to enjoy these beauts.  I'm definitely not a cat lover, but in this case, cats proved to be good for something!

Here's the cat taunting Chloe through our window.  I think it should probably stick to rabbits!

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