Friday, April 16, 2010

It's all for Spandex

(By Brock) Recently, several of us from Tiff's side of the family competed in our own Kujawski Famly Weight Loss Challenge.  Tiff, Me, her mom, both brothers, and her sis-in-law participated.  We lost a combined 100+ lbs. over 3 months.  It was alot like the Biggest Loser, where we had weekly weigh-ins and were required to keep a food journal.  Throughout all this, exercise and eating right has become more habit than torture. It has truly changed how we live. I'm proud to say I lost 22 lbs and in doing so have found yet another expensive hobby ...


You should know that my other hobbies are soccer, golf, scuba diving and photography (on land and underwater) ... So picking up another one was not really in the budget ... that's what Amex is for.

I like cycling because I can hang out w/ my friends and burn calories at the same time.  Entering in events keeps me focused on fitness and gives me an avenue to fight the good fight against fatness. Also, most events are for a good cause ... but why are new hobbies so darn expensive?!?!

I'll tell you why ... (A) I like to spend money (B) Look at all the crap I've bought to get started ...

I'm now the proud owner of:
  • a new bike
  • 2 pairs of spandex shorts
  • sleeveless jersey that is lime green
  • weird colorful ankle socks that should not be seen on anyone in public
  • big bike pump
  • portable bike pump
  • new velcro cycling shoes
  • camelbak
  • insulated water bottle
  • tools, tubes and other accessories
  • bike computer
  • helmet
  • sweat and wrist bands
  • various powders, goos, bars, chews, chomps and rubs
  • a ridiculous biking jersey that says "Johnson" on it and looks like a bowling shirt
How much do I love it? Well, in 6 weeks time, I will have put about 350 miles on my new bike!  Last weekend I rode in my first event, the Lancaster Country Ride where I did 63 miles in 4 hrs. It was a beautiful ride in the bluebonnet covered North Texas Hills.  You know, where moms take their husbands and babies for torturous afternoons of wallowing in the weeds for pictures to put on facebook.   I made it, but i had a bad case of the "bambi legs" when I finished.  Sadly enough, it was my most noteable athletic accomplishment to date ...
I'm a bit scared, because I have the MS150 coming up soon - 164 miles from Frisco up to Denton down to Texas Motor Speedway and ending up in downtown Fort Worth over 2 days.  This is almost tripling my last event!!!  I have a little voice in my head - "slow and steady", "drink lots of water" ...

Oh, another reason I like cycling is because it forces me to finish.  In so many other areas of my life, I start things and don't see them through.  Biking forces me to keep pushing across the finish line.  If you don't, your fat butt will be stuck along side some country road! ... unless of course, you call your mom or wife to come bail you out.

So what's the point? .. I was fat and with too many hobbies and not enought money ... now I'm less fat with yet another hobby and even less money ... but happier than ever ... AAAAND i get to wear spandex and a "Johnson" jersey and feel good about it!


  1. Darlin - you're too cute. I'm proud of you for getting into this hobby...please don't make me add up that list of new toys.

  2. Way to go Brock! That's awesome! I've been trying to talk Omar into getting bikes. Maybe a bicycle built for two???

  3. Dude, you should NEVER ever EVER, add up how much you have spent on cycling. It is very disturbing. Haha. That being said, I am so excited for you! I love love love biking and I am so glad you have started! But yeah, cycling is the number one reason Tommy and I don't scuba...we can't afford another expensive hobby. Haha. Snorkeling will have to do! We are gonna get you guys into triathlon if it's the last thing we do!

  4. Best wishes Brock on the MS150 and congrats on surpassing your dollars-donated-goal!! We'll be thinking about you all weekend while we clean the pool and mow...
    love you