Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 7, 8 & 9 – Seahorse, St. John & See you soon!

Day 7
Ah heaven…it’s wonderful to wake up in paradise and the only thing you have to do all day is get a massage. (Sorry if you hate me right now…I’ve had a very stressful week :)) Emiline, my massage therapist was incredible and she even made my shoulder knots disappear…miracle worker! After the massage I had a little time before meeting up with Brock again, so I took my book and a towel to Spring Bay, found the secret path to Trunk Bay, and read my book as the waves crashed up on the rocks. It was kind of cloudy and the skies were dark, so the normally calm water was a little scarier and rougher than usual…since I was by myself, I didn’t get in above my ankles so I wouldn’t get swept away!

Met up with Brock at noon, who told me all about his awesome morning. He had seen a seahorse, which is very rare in the Virgin Islands. Now I’m jealous, what a lucky thing to get to see!! I console myself by touching my tense-free shoulders again…ahhh…

We decided we would head over to Little Dix Bay for the afternoon to catch a little sun on our last day in VG and maybe get to swim with the turtles again. Since we had already turned in our rental car, we hopped a ride with the Sea Monkey, had a quick lunch at the beach bar and proceed to soak up as much sun as humanly possible. Brock got his dive master credits signed off on, and received all good marks from Jude. Later that afternoon, the Sea Monkey took us back to the harbor where we took a cab back to our house. We did a little pre-packing in the condo then decided we needed a break so we took our drinks down to the pool. There we ran into Casey and Jeff and ended up getting to talk to them a while…it was nice to hear their story, asking them about getting into the dive business and such…I know this was a really busy week for them, so it was good to get to hang out for a little outside the shop.

When the bugs came out, we headed up to our condo, cooked up a gourmet dinner of Digiorno’s and Klondike bars, and packed up for our early ferry to St. Thomas the next day.

Day 8

Casey & Jeff took us to the ferry early this morning. We thanked them again for the great experience and got ready for the 2 hrs it would take to get to St. Thomas. Just to explain our travel logic, we had an early morning flight out on Sunday from St. Thomas to home, so we planned to have one last day of sightseeing and hanging out closer to the airport. But when we got to St. Thomas, it was crazy packed and loud and touristy (totally not our scene) so we made a last minute decision to head over to St. John for the day…and what a GREAT idea that turned out to be! For those who don’t know, Brock and I spent a week in St. John 5 glorious years ago for our honeymoon…it was the perfect honeymoon for us, and since then, St. John has always stuck out in our minds as a favorite spot of ours. So even though we just had a few hours, we couldn’t wait to spend it on “our island”…we stepped off the ferry and immediately felt better. We walked around town a little trying to see what had changed – they had closed down a few of the local shops for this rinky-dink casino in the middle of town – but other than that, most everything seemed to be just the way we remembered it (or I remembered it with Brock not really knowing b/c he has such a fabulous memory). After a drink at a beach side bar, some walking on the beach, and seeing more of the town area, we decided we had to visit the place we had the fondest memories on the island – Skinny Legs. Skinny Legs is a little beach side bar in Coral Bay where we spent several well-remembered evenings on our honeymoon. So we hopped a cab over there to reclaim our youth.

On the way over, we met a character…usually when we describe one of our character meetings on vacation, they’re usually a pretty happy person, sometimes a drunk, usually a sailor (another word for “liar”) but nonetheless a fun person to be around. Well, this guy had 2 out of 3 of these characteristics, but was a real A-hole. He kept telling us fish stories – literally and figuratively, as he was a fisherman – and they kept getting more and more inappropriate until I felt like I needed earmuffs! Really, I do NOT need to hear all the details of you and a 23-yr old Brazilian leg model (yeah right buddy!) and your “adventures” with her…yuck.

But we finally dropped him off, and after some real sailor words b/c he felt the taxi driver over charged him, we were finally on our way to our piece of paradise. When we drove up, Skinny Legs looked just the same. Brock even found a cap similar to the one bought years ago that he loves so much he’s worn ragged. So we pulled up a couple of spots at the bar – the only place to hang out if you want to get the scoop at Skinny Legs – and our afternoon was well on its way to being perfect. We met a nice couple from Indiana who were on StJ for the first time…we heard the story of Glen Marshall, a local woman who has a special sign posted up behind the bar saying “Do NOT serve Glen Marshall if she comes in here. Please ask her to leave nicely”…we talked to a woman who had been in StJ 10 years and got the dirt from her and her husband on what’s changed since they started coming. And our wonderful taxi driver stayed there and waited for us…after 4 drinks (by him!!) we climbed back in his taxi and headed back to the ferry area.

On the taxi ride back, we met a nice family from Oregon/Wisconsin with 2 girls who were so excited about their horseback riding adventure of the day. We were having a great conversation with them, when what do you know, Mr. A-hole Fisherman got back on our taxi!! After exposing his true colors to the family by trying to convince the dad to make an inappropriate groping gesture to his wife in front of the kids, we finally made it back to town…just in time to get a beer to go, buy a few bottles of rum (one that the drunk salesman said would “change our whole relationship”…this stuff better be good!), and hop back on the ferry to St. Thomas. Sooo glad we made it back to paradise, if only for the afternoon!

Caught a cab to our uber-classy airport hotel, and passed out from the perfect day.

Day 9
We were walking distance from the hotel to the airport, but I screwed up somehow and got us there with only an hour to spare. The counter lady said we weren’t going to be able to check our bags because we missed the cutoff time. After almost breaking down in tears, she got our bags on, but it didn’t leave us much time to go through bag check, security, and customs (why on earth we had to do that since we were in the US going to the US, I’ll never know)…so we made the plane with no time to spare, no water, and very little patience. Oh well…guess everyday can’t be paradise! VG, St. John…we’ll miss you…and hope to see you soon!

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