Thursday, April 29, 2010

Haven't You Heard??

(by Tiff)
WE'RE EXPECTING!  I know...isn't it crazy!  (If you are one of the few people who we have not yet gotten to tell, we apologize...blame it on my pregnancy brain)

Here's some of the stats:
Baby's due date: Nov 1st
Number of pregancy tests taken to confirm: 3
Tiff's food aversions: chicken
Tiff's food cravings: beans, beef, ice cream (not all together...that's just gross people!)
Number of pounds Tiff has gained this week: 3 (oops…)
Brock's cravings: for Tiff to stop being so hormonal and "tired"
First sonogram: 8 weeks
Second sonogram: 12 weeks
Baby’s heart rate: 164 bpm
Percent sure the doctor says we're having a GIRL: 95%
Times Tiff's mom has cried because she's so excited: not sure, we lost count around 47
Number of beach pictures you'll see on this blog in the next year: only the ones from Mike & Sara's wedding next weekend...and after that, none...
Number of baby pictures you'll see on here in the next year: a bazillion

That's right...our blog will morph...from postcard scenic beachscapes with rum all forms of baby pictures.  In fact, here's baby girl Harlow's first baby picture:

Follow us over the next few months for riveting posts on my growing baby bump, decorating the nursery, Brock’s freaking out about money (uh, just kidding…do you know my husband??), and maybe if you’re lucky, we’ll share the name we’re thinking about… Until then, I gotta go eat again!


  1. How EXCITING, Tiffany! Really...did the ultrasound say 'girl' or are you going by the heart rate? The heart rate is definitely girl! My girls were all in that range and well, were all girls! :) LOVE girls! We are so excited for you guys! I'll be following your blog now that Brock gave me the address. Hey...thanks for supporting me in this Africa venture! I am so excited! I'll take a million pictures and let you know all about it when I get back. Much love to you guys! Kathy :)

  2. Yea! Glad this blog is changing to babies! It'll be one I start to check regularly now. SO excited for y'all!