Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mia is HERE!!!

So after a very long day in labor and delivery (I'll spare you the fun details!) Mia Brooke Harlow finally made her entrance into this world at 10:30pm on November 1st.  She weighed in a 7 lbs 12oz and measured 20 1/4 inches long.  We made it home as a family on Wednesday and the last week has just flown by.  She is beautiful, precious, amazing, and we really can't believe she's ours!  So far everything is going really well...some things that we've learned about her (and us) this week:
  • she really hates baths
  • actually, she really hates any time she's completely naked...if she's being changed, you need earplugs!
  • she loves being held...by pretty much anyone...other than in the middle of the night, she's only been put down a total of maybe 20 minutes
  • she's very alert when she's awake.  Her Nana and Christina have already declared her GT...hope that's not too hard for her to live up to!
  • she konks out when she's swaddled tight...nice feature for after night time feedings!
  • she already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger
  • she toots a lot...I call her "tooteriffic"
  • we've never been so excited about poop before!!
We have really enjoyed this week of family and friends coming to help and visit.  I know this will slow down soon, and Brock will have to go back to work...so next week will be the true test.  Hope mommy-hood is good to me!  So far, I'm loving it!!

Here's a link to more pics if you just can't get enough!! :) 


In the hospital - the nurses bathed her and added this little bow and mohawk

Tummy time in the sun

Wide awake!


  1. Tiffany, she is ABSOLUTELY precious. Enjoy every minute. Nothing beats motherhood. Congratulations to you and Brock and Mia's grandparents.

  2. Congratulations! She is so beautiful. Have fun, it flies by!

  3. Congrats! Hope you are all doing well and getting some much needed rest. Enjoy every minute, it really will fly bye and before you know it she will be rolling across the room. Hold & cuddle as much as possible! Enjoy mommyhood:)

  4. Yay! Mallory can't wait to play. Cute pics!