Monday, April 4, 2011

Leaving Mia

Who leaves their 4 month old first child for 9 days to go on vacation? ... Harlows do, yep... and so happy we did.  We just got back from our first vacation without Mia to a little Dutch island called Bonaire (close to Aruba).   We spent 8 wonderful days scuba diving, relaxing in the sun, eating and drinking to our hearts content and doing nothing.  Mia spent lots of quality time with her grandparents, aunt, and cousins.  She is so loved and they ate up all the time they got to spend w/ her.  Thanks to skype, we got to see Mia everyday.   In the one week we were gone she graduated to the next size diapers, is now able to grab her own toes, figured out how to eat rice cereal (not just spit it out) and has a new love for Chloe  She turned 5 months last week, so in celebration of Easter, Mia's sporting her sweet bunny ears.

Here are some pictures of our vacation ...

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Here are some recent pictures of Mia ...


  1. She is giving Chloe a go-to-hell look. Love it!

  2. So so sweet! Mandi and I just caught up on your blog! So cute! Keep these pictures coming! Glad you got to get away together. :)