Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Making Progress

Our attempt to be crafty - painted canvases over the crib
Just 2 months away from our due date...and things are moving right along!  We had a sonogram yesterday where we got confirmation that everything is still looking really good/healthy.  She is up to 3 1/2 lbs and it looks like she has Brock's lips.  Which is good...it will save us on collogen injections when she gets older :) The ultrasound pics aren't very good quality so they're not posted here... But I convinced Brock to let me show some shots of the nursery (even though it's not completed).  The "grand reveal" will come after we get the bedding in, put up the shelves and hang the last of the decorations on the walls. 
Seaside buddies from Nana and Papaw (in front of the wave)

This weekend is the first of our showers.  I am so excited to go home and get to see everyone!  Also my awesome sister-in-law Jenna has offered to take maternity pics for me.  She's got some great ideas, so I can't wait to see how they turn out...I promise to post some when she's finished working her magic to make my face look less puffy :)


  1. Looks awesome guys! And, yes, I'm awesome too! Just wait until you get all the goodies we have for Mia to add to her wonderful nursery. See ya'll Friday!

  2. yay! super cute. love y'alls little pics.