Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 2 - Waking up to Paradise

The sun shone brightly through our bedroom window at 6:30 AM ... because we got in late, we were pleasantly surprised to see the amazing views we had when we woke up to the sunrise on Sunday Morning. We decided to take a walk before breakfast, made it to the ferry dock, and on the way we ran into Security Jeffery (a local security guard riding home on his bicycle after his night shift) … who was thankful for the USA because we saved him from Hitler … he also asked how many terms president Theo Roosevelt served? … um, no idea…Brock had made friends w/ the chef last nite after the bbq who said to come down for breakfast, that he’d hook us up … so we did…and it was very good! Tiff went w/ the mango french toast, Brock had scrambled eggs, mushrooms and smoked salmon. During breakfast we saw C asey at the pool, Dive BVI owner, she was on her recovery day from being sick with laryngitis. Afterwards, we walked to Speedy’s Car Rental and rented a Suzuki for 3 days (kinda like Suzi-Q from our honeymoon) In VG, the steering wheel is on the same side of the car as in the US, but they drive on the 'wrong' side of the road. Tiff was driving, and when we left Speedy’s, I told Tiff to turn right and she turned left … this was going to be a dangerous day. We ended up driving the whole length of the island over the course of the day … stopping … exploring and looking at the beautiful sites … for anyone who hasn’t been to BVI, they have a chicken problem…lots and lots of chickens and roosters just roaming the roads. Oh, and goats…not as many, but more than we’re used to seeing in a normal day. We decided to come back after some driving around the north part of the island to pack sandwiches and grab our snorkel gear…it was off to our first round of beach time! We headed down to Savannah Bay beach, which is the closest beach to our condo…some locals were having a big party with loud music & lots of food, so we walked down the beach quite a ways until we had a nice quiet spot all to ourselves. After sunblock-ing up and eating our lunch, we had to get in the water to cool off…we noticed the sand changed as you went down the beach…parts of it were really rough and coarse, while other parts were so fine it was like walking on flour ... how queer. We had a great time at the beach, but were worried we’d gotten fried by the sun, so off to our next adventure…on a side note, we picked up two friendly hitch hikers and brought them back into town, accidentally. They were waving, tiff stopped to say hello and they jumped in Suzi-Q ... ooops, don't tell our moms! After a quick stop at Speedy’s we headed towards the Baths (huge boulders on the beach). We didn’t actually walk down to the Baths (we’re saving that for another day), but we had a couple of fruity frozen drinks at The Top of the Baths restaurant and watched some kids play in the pool. We’ve noticed there are not many tourists here who actually stay on the island…most are rich yachters and sailors who stay on their huge boats with their rich wives and kids…so especially in the evening, we feel like it’s just us and the locals…which is fine by us! On the way back, we took a wrong turn, but it ended up being a great detour…we found Coppermine Point, which is a really cool stone structure that used to be a – you guessed it – copper mine. To finish the day off we came home and went out to The Bath & Turtle for dinner. We shared a chicken pineapple pizza and coconut battered chicken tenders. The restaraunt had a sweet reggae band. Somehow, we found another place with no toursits. I wonder if we sometimes stray too far off the beaten path. The food was excellent and going to sleep at 9:30 was even better. Tomorrow is Brock's first day as of training at the shop as a DMT (DiveMaster in Training).


  1. You guys kind of suck but reading about this is better than the HVAC grind I guess. Sounds like you are having fun. Brock don't kill any new divers and be sure to beware of the trampoline chicken. I hear they are indiginious to the BVI's.

    PS - Who says "how queer". You spend 2 days in the British Virgin Islands and you start talking like some goofy Brit?

  2. Ah - so jealous! And great suit Tiff - I just bought that one! We will have to fight over who gets to wear it this summer! :) Love you guys!

  3. Hello Guys! What great bloggers u guys are! ummmm I had to sign up for this here blogspot just to tell you that I love you guys and love reading ur narratives of your travels. How cool that my brother is a dive master in training! I like what u said about venturing off the beaten path...I have almost decided that its when we do take the risk of venturing off the beaten path that we begin to live and truly enjoy the moments we have been given. xoxoxoxoxoxo