Friday, November 20, 2009

Diving in Paradise

Day 5. Woke up to a beautiful day with the most gorgeous view from our room. Headed down for breakfast before our dives…Brock discovered his new favorite: toast, scrambled eggs, and mushrooms. Yum. Went down to the dive shop and loaded up for our 2 boat dives on the outer reefs: Clancy’s Reef and Elly’s Bommie. It’s about a 45 min boat ride out to the site, but we dropped in and within 3 minutes of getting into the water, I spotted a hammerhead shark swimming below us. It was smaller and quick and was gone before Brock got a chance to see it. But the diving is incredible. Beautifully clear water, tons of color, a super healthy reef including both huge soft and hard corals, and fish and critter life everywhere you look! In between the dives we watched a mom and baby dolphin breaching the surface. They were so cute! But not close enough to jump in and play with. Had lunch on the boat after our second dive, except for Christina who unfortunately got a little sea sick. In the evening, we did our third dive of the day, our first ever muck dive. For those of you who aren’t familiar with muck diving, it’s exactly what it sounds like…you dive in the trash. It was right off the dive shop pier and was littered with junk and trash and muck…but it’s so weird because some of the most colorful and unique creatures live here. Very cool dive, but personally I enjoy the beauty and color of the reef. What a great day of diving in paradise!

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